Tupelo House

what we’re all:


Tupelo House is located in a gorgeous historical building in Loveland, OH. The building was purchased in July 2018 by brothers Terry Cole, Bob Cole & Dave Cole as well as partner Whitney Pelfrey. The building was first purchased to house their businesses, Plaid Room Records & Colemine Records. But during the hot summer of mass renovations, Whitney fell in love with the upstairs and knew she had to give this space back to the community. From there, Tupelo House was born. The building was officially opened to the public in November 2018 and it’s been a blast ever since.

Our building has something for everyone and is located in central downtown Loveland right off the little Miami River and the Loveland Bike Trail. Plaid Room Records on the main floor, Colemine Records in the back apartments, Tupelo House on the entire second floor, Loveland Sweets next door and Paxtons just a stone’s throw away. All four owners manage and run their businesses themselves with the help of some great employees and plan to make an impact in their community for the years to come.


You’re gonna be spoiled

And you’re gonna love it. Tupelo House is a high end, modern business that wan’t to bring some luxury to our community. You will feel exclusive yet friendly. Fancy yet authentic. High end yet affordable. Basically, you’re gonna feel super duper groovy.

easy peasy

Inquiring, booking, paying, celebrating and leaving is extremely easy. Upon booking, you will be assigned a Tupelo House on-site manager who will be your constant point of contact. Aaaand that’s it. You can start planning your visit to cater to your deepest hearts desires!

Privacy is key

You’re not going to be watched and monitored by your on-site manager. Tupelo House staff is present, but rarely seen. This venue was specially curated to feel like you’re partying in a cool, older sisters apartment that you always wanted.

Our neighbors are great

We are surrounded by great small businesses all within walking distance. Our favorite place for candy and coffee is Loveland Sweets. A full course, farm to table dinning experience is best at Tano Bistro. Paxtons Bar & Grill is where you should go for comfort food and Cappy’s Wine & Spirits will always give you a good time.


take a peek!


Some recent events that we just love!

all styled by in-house event stylist The Social Collective .