Co-Working Day Pass

Co-Working Day Pass

20.00 30.00

Day Pass : $30

A non-membership day visit gives access to our drop in desks, lounge areas and all our workplace amenities.

  • Multiple rooms & workspaces

  • Desk space and lounge seating

  • Dry erase boards on request

  • Kitchenette stocked with water, coffee, tea and fridge space

  • WIFI

  • Good People & Good Vibes

Come and go as you please! Below are some of our awesome neighbors :

  • Plaid Room Records : directly downstairs, take a break and browse their collections!

  • Loveland Sweets : coffee, espresso and treats

  • Hometown Coffee : light lunch, pressed juice, coffee and espresso

  • Paxtons Grill : Takeout or Dine in lunch options

  • Ramseys : Takeout or Dine In lunch options

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