Pop Up Shop Questionnaire

Thank you so much for participating in our very first Artisan Pop Up Shop! We are very excited to have our space filled with local, women owned businesses.

This page is for your reference, but feel free to contact me for any questions. There is a small questionnaire I would love for you to fill out, this will greatly help when advertising and marketing this event. We will start heavy marketing and start ads on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend,
- Whitney

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Arrival & Set Up

Set up can begin anywhere between 10am - 4:00pm. Ideally we would like everyone set up and ready by 4:30pm.

There is plenty of parking in the back of our building. You may come in through the back door, which leads into the Record Shop’s back work room, OR you can use the front door of our building. When I’m carrying in items I prefer to use the front door, it’s easier than navigating through the isles.

Bins and boxes can be stored in our back office or back apartment, both are attached to our event space. We have a coatrack in our main hallway and bags/purses can also be stored in our back offices if you’d like.

Erica, one of our directors, will be on site around 4pm for any final questions or details.

WIFI will be printed and waiting for you at your tables, for reference it’’s also below.
WIFI : Tupelo House
Password : fearlessfemales

Monday 12/10, you will receive your table location and dimensions!

Loveland will be fairly busy on Friday as it’s the kick off of Christmas in Loveland!

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Marketing & Advertising

Below is a questionnaire that will help me with general info as well as properly market your business. Feel free to add as much as you want, I’ll use what I can!

Be sure to “like”, “follow” & support your fellow artisan, women owned businesses! Cross promotion is one of the best tools local business has at our disposal. You have the potential to gain an ENORMOUS amount of like minded clientele be working together to support each other.

Olive & Sage Florals - Fresh Flowers!

Five One Three Bagel Co. - Delicious Handmade Bagels

Shop Terra - Modern Embroidery

Bardot Bow Gallery - Modern Revival Retro Hair Bows

Hank Pockets - Kids Sized Pockets

East Africa Basket Co. - Authentic African fair trade baskets from villages of Morogoro.

Shop Willow Made - Fiber Artist & Modern Embroidery

Meister Made : Local, woman owned screen printing

Once the questionnaire below is filled out I’ll create images for social media will be posted below.
Be sure to tag all our sisters and their businesses when posting!

Name *
Estimated time of arrival
Estimated time of arrival
Are there specific photos you would like me to use when advertising?