Pricing & payments

First, we want to make this process as EASY as possible for both of us, we are on your team and hope your event is as succesful as it can be. We are thrilled you are here learning more about how your business can host an event!

Venue Fee $250 + $2 surcharge to ticketing.
This balance is due after your classes are over, no money is required up front. Upon booking our venue an event contract will be signed with a $100 cancelation fee.

Tupelo House manages online ticketing, day of tickets as well as some light marketing. You have full control over wording, imagery and you set your own ticket pricing.

Events include a day of manager on site, wifi, sound system and access to our smart TV if needed.

You are welcome to come in before the event to take photos of your class instructors in our space for promotional purposes. As mentioned, we will settle up the balances after your classes are over. We do this in hopes that your business will not have to worry about 'investing' in an event and instead put energy into making it as succesful as possible. We’re on your team!



ADditional services

Pre event marketing, graphic design, social media content and photography is available for $150. Photography coverage of your event & team is available for $100. This is a great marketing tool for those considering hosting future classes. To have a staff member clean the venue after your event we can do so for $100.


Parking :
As loveland becomes increasingly popular, so do our parking spaces. Parking close to our building on weekends and weeknights becomes light. We encourage all vendors to set up as early as they can to avoid running late OR dropping of supplies prior to your set up time. We are happy to accommodate any supplies drop offs.

Handicap Accessibility :
As our space is located on the top floor of a historical building we would like to inform all guests that (as of now) we have no means for wheelchair accessibility. A hurtle we are anxious to overcome.

Storage :
You are welcome to store personal items, bins and boxes in our private office located on the same floor.

Set up window :
We make great efforts to provide at least a two hour window for set up prior to your event beginning. Bare in mind that we are located on the top floor of a historical building.

Trash/clean up :
You may see a preview of our check-out list here. We offer venue clean up by a staff member after your event for $100. This is required to be set up upon booking your event. We have a strict cleaning fee of $350 for unfinished check-out lists.

Tables/Chairs :
You may see a preview of our tables and chair set up here.
Family Style Table : One long 30 guest table in Parlor. Two 6 guest tables in Breezeway. *available entryway seating
Classroom Table Seating : 28 guests in Parlor. Two 6 guest tables in Breezeway. *available entryway seating

You are welcome to invite guests to BYOB or provide alchohol yourself. Your ticket pricing can help cover your alchohol expenses however we are not permitted to offer alchohol sales on our premises. We have a strict ‘no alchohol sale’ in our building and will require a $500 fee for any sales made on our site.

Food :
Outside food is welcome to be brought in by both the business or their guests. We have a kitchenette for storage and prep as well as an adorable mini fridge to keep items cool.

workshop questionnaire :

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